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Part 1. Software

ConEmu + WSL + Xming Server

Run Linux shell and third-party soft natively. Terminal emulator + Ubuntu + X Server.
Alternative to: Tilix.


Clipboard manger. Remember what you’ve copied.
Alternative to: ClipIt.

Total Commander

Advanced file manager.
Alternative to: Nautilus.

Part 2. Workflow

Let’s discuss something less trivial then a need for a clipboard manager. Les’t talk about a way you can use it.

  • Static allocation of virtual desktops and use them on purpose.
  • Shortcuts for any background tasks (window management, music control, making screenshots and so on).
  • Scripts for any usual tasks consist of more than two atomic tasks.
  • desktop1 — for current task (development, learning, e.g.). In the most cases these are IDE + Chrome + file manager + PDF viewer.
  • desktop2 — for auxiliary tasks (notes, tasking system like Trello, e.g.)
  • desktop3 — for communication (Telegram, Slack, e.g.)
  • desktop4 — for entertainments (music player, Spotify, e.g.)

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Enhancer

Shortcuts for moving programs between virtual desktops and switching to a specific virtual desktop.


Launch a program on a specific virtual desktop.

Final words

Feel free to leave comments with your workflows and nontrivial soft you use.



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