Back to Win. Part 2: shortcuts and settings

Mikhail Agranovskiy
2 min readSep 16, 2018


I don’t use Windows much last months, actually. OS X is my favourite now. But it’s time to publish some Windows tips and tricks, I’ve found out that spring. Let’s go!

Keyboard shortcuts

Alt + Esc—minimize the active window. To be honest, Windows can only place the window behind all the others.

Win + Shift + S — crop and copy selection (using OneNote). Or try Win + S

Total Commander

Windows Explored? No tabs, no customisation, no way. I’ve touched Total Commander in the previous article, let’s now focus on it’s key mappings.

Ctrl + Q— open selected file at other panel (using Lister)

Alt + arrow— jump back and forth over dir stack

Tab — change focus between panels

Ctrl + R — reload (F5)

Alt + F6 — unpack selected

You can add some custom mappings, look at my ones:

Custom mapping

Word custom shortcuts

If you chose Windows, you probably use office. It’s useful to add some custom shortcuts to your Word distribution. Your custom shortcuts are being saved to Normal.dotm file. You can sync it between computers.

As a software developer I cant live without “Go to previous pointer position” shortcut. In Word it’s named as Go Back. So I choose:

Ctrl + Shift + <— GoBack

Windows still doesn’t have shortcut for switching over instances of running app (Alt + ~ in Linux and OS X). Let’s fix it at leat for Word:

Alt + -> — NextWindow

Alt + <- — PrevWindow


Best and only terminal emulator for Windows. I’ve touched it in the previous article. If you have problems with full-word deletion, look at the workaround below.

Windows humanisation

Task bar

Disable updates

Win + R “gpedit.msc” -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update -> Configure Automatic Updates setting -> 2 — Notify for download and notify for install

Disable Windows Defender

gpedit.msc -> Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender -> Turn off Windows Defender -> Enabled