Back to Win. Part 2: shortcuts and settings

I don’t use Windows much last months, actually. OS X is my favourite now. But it’s time to publish some Windows tips and tricks, I’ve found out that spring. Let’s go!

Keyboard shortcuts

Win + Shift + S — crop and copy selection (using OneNote). Or try Win + S

Total Commander

Ctrl + Q— open selected file at other panel (using Lister)

Alt + arrow— jump back and forth over dir stack

Tab — change focus between panels

Ctrl + R — reload (F5)

Alt + F6 — unpack selected

You can add some custom mappings, look at my ones:

Custom mapping

Word custom shortcuts

As a software developer I cant live without “Go to previous pointer position” shortcut. In Word it’s named as Go Back. So I choose:

Ctrl + Shift + <— GoBack

Windows still doesn’t have shortcut for switching over instances of running app (Alt + ~ in Linux and OS X). Let’s fix it at leat for Word:

Alt + -> — NextWindow

Alt + <- — PrevWindow


Windows humanisation

Task bar

Disable updates

Disable Windows Defender



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