Mac me up: OS X must have apps

For my point of view, OS X is the most ready to use desktop OS. Since the OS is installed you have a TOP-3 browser (Safari), brilliant viewer apps (Preview, iTunes, iBooks) and good enough terminal emulator.

What else do you need? Favourite messenger and cloud sync apps, office suite (Apple offers a good enough one for free, btw), video viewer (QuickTime seems retarded in area of file format support), may be a torrent app, may be your favourite browser. So the same as with any other desktop OS. It’s more about personal preferences rather than about the OS itself. But what do you need especially for OS X? Not a lot, but there are some.




But there is a one feature I can’t live without: clipboard manager. To be honest, Alfred was not the best choice for me. It was the only. I just didn’t find any other clipboard manager app for OS X: properly equipped and signed (there’s no way to install no-name apps to corporate laptop). So I spent about $40 for paid version of Alfred for clipboard manager with endless history and history search. Shame on me, but it solves the task.

Alfred’s clipboard manager also has snippets integration. So you can have prewritten texts for further pasting (e.g. long shell commands to be used on remote server without copying there your own .bashrc)

Let’s count: 3 apps and a just installed OS is fully equipped. Seems brilliant, isn’t it?



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